The first question I guess is that could you comment on how speaking versus typing affects your logic all or the content quote unquote that you that you write I find that this is like the difference between writing your thoughts down on a blank piece of printer paper versus paper bound with a leather notebook I do not think there has any real difference I know that some people believe there is a solid certain difference but this is for the purpose I am using this for the purpose of generating the first draft because my skills with the using my voice to edit my text is still not very well developed I am still more efficient using the keyboard for that stage so the hardest part about writing generally is getting the first crappy draft written and so I have found that dictation is perfectly fine for that phase and and I find it actually very conducive for just getting the text out the biggest problem that most of us have is applying our internal editor and that inhibits us from you know generating words in a free-flowing fashion so I generally do my generative writing so actually I divide my right into two categories generative writing generating the first crappy draft and then rewriting rewriting is probably 8090% of writing where you can go back and rework the order of the sentences order a paragraphs the order of words in a sentence and so forth that they are really hard work that is best done later in the day when I am more awake I do my generator riding first thing in the morning when I am feel horrible I am not very other that is when my internal editor is not very awake and I can get more words out more words past that gatekeeper and so I can do this sitting down I can do this standing up I can do this 20 feet away from my computer looking out the window to get my eyes a break so I find it is just a very enjoyable to use it in this fashion and the downside is that I wind up generating three times as much text and that makes for three times as much work when it c
omes to rewriting the text and that means I am using the keyboard a lot and later on in the day and I have not made any progress on recovering from my own repetitive stress injury I hope that I will add the use of voice commands speech-to-commads for editing the text in the future and I will eventually give my hands more of a break so this allows you to actually separate those two activities not only by time so many professional writers will spend several hours in the morning doing the generative part and then they will spend the rest of the day rewriting so they have separated this to activities temporally what most people actually do is you know they they do the general part and then they the right one sentence and they apply that internal editor right away because they want to write the first draft in a perfect that is a perfect version as a final draft and that and that is what slows them down dramatically but this also allows you to separate these two activities in terms of modality you are going to do the generative writing by Voice In the rewriting by keyboard so I think this is like what most people one way that many people can get into using speech-to-text in a productive way that sounds great let us see I think we have about three or four minutes live so I do not have much experience with that particular software I have use Whisperer a little bit and so that is related and of course you have this problem of leg so I find that it is a whisper is good for spitting out a sentence you know maybe for a  docstring and a programming file but I find that it is very prone to hallucinations and I find myself spending half my time deleting the hallucinations and I feel like the net gain is diminished as a result or there has not much of a net gain in terms of what I am getting out of it where else I really appreciate the high level of accuracy that I am getting from Voice In I would use a Talon  voice for dictation but at this point there has a significant difference
 between the level of accuracy of Voice In versus Talon  voice is large enough of a difference that probably use Voice In for a while until I can figure out how to get to Talon  voice to generate more accurate text cool thank you hang up at least another 2 or 3 minutes so if folks have any other questions please feel free to post them on the path and I will check IRC now as well right so I see one question asking or any of these voice command/dictions it is a freemium so it the answer is no to be able to add the commands the custom commands you have to pay $48 a year the Talon  voice software is free and the access the only limitation there is access to the language model if you want to get the beta version you need to subscribe to patreon support the developer and I found I did do that and I really did not find much of an improvement so I really do not intend to do that in the future but but otherwise a Talon  voice everything is open and free and the slack Community is incredibly welcoming you know it is the parallels with the Emacs Community or pretty striking okay awesome yeah then you are welcome to join on the chat with Blaine and ask any photo? Chatting so I said a question how good is Talent compared to Whisperer so let us see with Talon  I find that the first part of the sentence will be fairly accurate and then when I am doing dictation and then towards the end the errors so in general I think it is Error rate it is about five words out of 100 or so or will be wrong and with whisper Whispers wonderful because it will insert punctuation for you but I guess it is errors are longer and that will hallucinate full sentences for you so they they both have significant air rates they are just different kinds of errors hopefully both over time see there has a question are the green block the author for this talk Talon not sure what that question means being generated from from voice to voice to text speech-to-text so I have this voice yeah and the errors are genera
lly shorter and extent and it do not hallucinate as for long tracks here on big blue button for a few minutes thank you very much for hosting this yeah this is a really amazing to you know hold this conference with people from all around the world connected together through web browsers technology journaling I found one one good compromise between editing and when you do or mode and you have the bullets it can allows you to naturally Shard your thoughts in a way that is really easy to editor friends was not that do not that is not very visually for both probably want it and not super long you easily see the two of three and stuff like that that you get done so you can quickly and say oh well these are the days where I got my primary test and you could help like your feelings with your to-do lists and journals and whatnot yeah I think that is very powerful because of it is a summarizing capability it allows you to you know pull back and get a overview when I get that feels like half the reason or should be like half the reasons and it is something that I do not if you use the agenda as it is you want I do not know how you would get it like saying like looking at the week by week basis breakdowns you might be able to get like percentages which would be nice like I did this well or like have it I do not know yeah so I am pretty obsessed about the tracking effort on various kinds of projects are various kinds of activities and to get some feedback and in that regard and then you but you got the so I Define a project as anything that requires work more than a different points in time more than one time I will give you an email okay Yamaha that is right buttonAll talks: https://emacsconf.or
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