EmacsConf 2021

M3U playlist for playing in MPV and other players
  1. Sacha Chua
  2. Case Duckworth
  3. Q&A for The True Frownies are the Friends We Made Along the Way: An Anecdote of Emacs's Malleability
  4. Jean-Christophe Helary
  5. Daniel Rose
  6. Q&A for GNU's Not UNIX: Why Emacs Demonstrates The UNIX Philosophy Isn't Always The Only Answer
  7. Grant Shangreaux
  8. Q&A for Emacs and Montessori Philosophy
  9. Greta Goetz
  10. Protesilaos Stavrou
  11. Philip Kaludercic
  12. Dhavan (codingquark)
  13. Kevin Haddock
  14. Q&A for Introducing N-Angulator
  15. Spencer King
  16. Gabriele Bozzola
  17. Stefan Monnier
  18. Q&A for A day in the life of a janitor
  19. Noorah Alhasan, Joe Corneli, Raymond Puzio, Leo Vivier
  20. Q&A for Emacs Research Group, Season Zero: What we did together with Emacs in 2 hours a week for a year
  21. Greg Coladonato
  22. Q&A for One effective CS grad student workflow
  23. Philip Beadling
  24. Jan Ypma
  25. Q&A for Creating technical API documentation and presentations using org-babel, restclient, and org-treeslide
  26. Tom Gillespie
  27. Q&A for Org as an executable format
  28. Karl Voit
  29. Q&A for The use of Org mode syntax outside of GNU/Emacs
  30. Daniel German
  31. Q&A for Using Org-mode to teach programming
  32. Asilata Bapat
  33. Q&A for Babel for academics
  34. Ahmed Khaled
  35. Blaine Mooers
  36. Bala Ramadurai
  37. Adolfo Villafiorita
  38. Mehmet Tekman
  39. Q&A for Productivity Dashboards with Emacs and Kindle
  40. Andrea
  41. John Wiegley
  42. Nicolas P. Rougier
  43. Q&A for On the design of text editors
  44. Dmitry Gutov
  45. Q&A for Optimizing Emacs Lisp Code
  46. Ethan Leba
  47. Q&A for Tree-edit: Structural editing for Java, Python, C, and beyond!
  48. Erik Anderson
  49. Q&A for Yak-shaving to a UI framework
  50. Andrea
  51. Laszlo Krajnikovszkij
  52. Andrea Corallo
  53. Q&A for Emacs Lisp native compiler, current status and future developments
  54. Ian Eure
  55. Q&A for Old McCarthy Had a Form
  56. Stefan Monnier
  57. Q&A for Turbo Bindat
  58. Eduardo Ochs
  59. Mohsen BANAN
  60. Q&A for Perso-Arabic Input Methods And Making More Emacs Apps BIDI Aware
  61. Matthew Zeng
  62. Shane Mulligan
  63. Q&A for Imaginary Programming
  64. Fermin MF
  65. Q&A for CLEDE: the Common Lisp Emacs Development Environment
  66. Bastien Guerry
  67. Q&A for How to help Emacs maintainers?
  68. Fermin MF
  69. Q&A for How to build an Emacs
  70. David Wilson (System Crafters)
  71. Q&A for M-x Forever: Why Emacs will outlast text editor trends
  72. nil